2014 Winners

Dalal Alsayer (MDes ULE) – Hidden Space | Social Space: Migrant Workers and their Spaces in the GCC

Rebekah Armstrong (MLA I) and Vanessa Moon (MLA I AP/MUP) – Green Desert: Acacia saligna and Atriplex nummularia in Region IV, Chile

Christopher Bennett (MDes ULE) – DredgeShed: Sand as Landscape, Sand as Commodity, Sand as Gold

Jasper Campshure (MArch) – Papas chilotas: The Agricultural Crop as the Basis for Establishing Hereditary Land Rights in the Chiloé Archipelago

Dane Carlson (MLA II) – Descent: following the kali gandaki down from the roof of the world

Manuel Colon Amador (MLA I AP), Michalis Pirokka (MLA I AP), and Hector Tarrido-Picart (MLA I AP/MAUD) – Urban Wild Lab: Remote Sensing Landscapes and Urban Ecologies

Danika Cooper (MLA I AP/MDes ULE) – Dust Kingdom: A Description of Dust in the American Southwest

Anya Domlesky (MLA I) – Surveying Environmental Landscape Modeling: Three Physical Modelers of Coastal Processes

Michelle Franco (MLA I) – We Ground Things Now, On Moving Foundations: Landscape Film in Theory & Practice

Christina Geros (MLA I AP/MAUD) and Zannah Matson (MLA I) – Redefining Urban: Kotzebue, Alaska as a Case Study for the dual influences of settlement and junction

Stephanie Hsia (MLA I) – The Almond and the Bee: Investigating Landscape Interventions for the Greatest Pollination Quandary on Earth

Christopher Johnson (MArch I AP) – Recreational Squatting: Skate Culture and the Appropriation of Infrastructural Landscapes

Mikaela Pearson (MLA I AP) and David Pearson (MArch II) – Unearthing Larrea tridentate: Micro-Mapping Extensive Fibrous Root Structures

Pablo Perez Ramos (DDes; GSD MLA I AP ’12) – Gardens of Impossibility: Comparative Study of Agricultural Landscape Morphologies in Arid Environments

Craig Reschke (MLA I AP) with Ann Lui (MIT MArch) – Grafted Fields: Wrestling Dirt and Data from the Combine CommandCenter

Jennifer Saura (MLA I) – Landscapes of Resistance: Re-mapping Occupation in Post-crisis Spain

Phoebe White (MLA I) – Revealing Territories: The Historic and Projective Role of the Image in the Post-Glacial Swiss Alps