2013 Winners

Christopher Alton (MDesS ULE) – Wood / Buffalo: Treaty 8 in the Century of Bitumen

Erik Andersen (MLA I) and Senta Burton (MLA I) – Rangelands: Expanding Frontiers for Bison bison bison

Alexander Arroyo (MLA I) – Terra in Extremis Toward ‘the Ends of the Earth’: Oceanic Urbanization in the Aleutian Archipelago

Naz Beykan (MDesS E&E) and Venkata Krishna Kumar Matturi (MDesS ULE) – Atolls of Waste: Investigating waste networks of island nation of Maldives in the context of Indian Ocean

Jennifer Corlett (MLA I) – Food Security & Resilience: Reclaiming the Acequia Landscapes of New Mexico

Carolyn Deuschle (MLA I)- Darjeeling Tea: How Geographic Indication in a Global Marketplace Affects the Ground

William DiBernardo (MLA II) – The Satellite and the Sensor: Dry Data and the Sensing Paralax

Vineet Diwadkar (MLA I AP) and Tamer Elshayal (MDesS RR) – Coastal Membrane: Engineered Flows Across the Nile Delta Estuary

Lauren Elachi (MLA I) and Lindsey Nelson (MLA I) – Concealing the Past, Projecting the Deep Future: Experiments in Environmental Forecasting at the Onkalo Nuclear Waste Repository

Judy Fulton (MArch I) and Hokan Wong (MArch I) – The Terrestrial Data Cloud: on Digital-Infrastructural Territories in Northern Europe

Jason Hoeft (MArch II) and Will Lambeth (MArch II) – Landscapes of Disappearance: Addressing Emerging Design Challenges in the Rapidly Changing Landscape of Greenland

Justin Jackson (MLA I AP)- Material Implications: Brick Fields + Rapid Urbanization in Bangladesh

Kelly Murphy (MLA II) – Sown Together: Mapping the edge between Ljubljana and the Barje

Hope Strode (MLA I AP) – The Geography of Strip Mining: Mapping the Effects of Strip Mining in Central Appalachia

Marrikka Trotter (PhD in Landscape and Urbanism) – Planetary Risk in the Urban Imaginary: Lisbon After 1755

Anne Weber (MLA I) – Imaging the Invisible: Documenting the Post-Nuclear Landscape