2012 Winners

Anna Cawrse (MLA II) – Paper Streets of Pittsburgh

Rachael Cleveland (MLA I) – Spontaneous Urban Vegetation and the Shrinking City: Refiguring the urban ground in Berlin, Dessau-­Rosslau and the Ruhrgebiet

McKenna Cole (MLA I AP) and Ellen Garrett (MLA I AP) – Hydrologic Impact of Maritime Industry: A case study | Ingalls Shipyard Pascagoula, MS

Tracie Curry (MLA I) – Thawing Frozen Infrastructure: The cultural, environmental and commercial challenges of climate change and arctic infrastructure along the Northern Sea Route

Carolyn Deuschle (MLA I), Emily McMillan (MLA I), and Nicolas Rivard (MAUD) – Border Urbanism: Understanding public space in the Texas Colonias

Alexia Friend (MLA II) – Runoff Landscapes: A critical study of ancient and contemporary water catchment strategies in the Negev

Karyssa Halstead (MLA I AP) and Mara Katherine Smaby (MLA I) – Pistil Whip: Spatializing networks in the ecuadorian floriculture industry

Connie Migliazzo (MLA I ) – Economies of Waste: Industrial hog farm infrastructure in rural Netherlands

Mark Pomarico (MLA I AP) and Judith Rodriquez (MLA I AP / MAUD) – Post Tsunami Satoyama: Restoring Mosaics from Mountain to Sea

Nathan Shobe (MArch I) and Emmet Truxes (MArch I) – Cloudscapes + the Geomorphically Constrained City: Timelapse photography in La Guajira Peninsula and Medellín, Colombia