2011 Winners


Anne Clark Baker (MLA I AP) – Rocky Coast, Constructed Edge: Tracing Portland’s Land-Sea Habitat Typologies

Rebecca Bartlett (MLA I) – Disaster Resiliency through Water Purification; Sri Lankan Mangrove Ecosystem Services

Travis Bost (MDesS) – Adaptive Opportunism of Infrastructural Landscapes in the Mississippi Delta

Lindsay Chandler-Alexander (MArch I) – Children in the Landscape: The Alternative Playgrounds of Denmark

Michael Clement (MLA I) – Back to the Earth: Reinventing the Burial Ground

Emily Gordon (MLA I) – Everyman’s Rights: Foraging Finland

Brendan Kellog (MArch I) and Bea Camacho (MArch I) – Farming a Landscape in Crisis: The Design and Construction of Raised Fields in the Beni Region of Bolivia

Dongsei Kim (MDesS) – The Demilitarized Zone : Redrawing the Border Between North and South Korea

Kees Lokman(MDesS) – In Search of Niagara

Fadi Masoud (MLA II) – Deir E’lla – Border Town – Jordan River Valley

Marcus Owens (MDesS) – Animal Infrastructure, Moscow

Jason Rebillot (DDes) – Experimental Field: Urban Practice in the Rhineland

Emily Schlickman (MLA I) – The Ghost Fleet Landscape

Anne Schmidt (MLA I) – Recording Deviations – Drawing a Section of America

Alec Spangler (MLA I) – The Longest Shortcut: The Trans-Siberian Railway and the Representation of Unimaginable Extent

Amy Whitesides (MLA I) – The Flying Fox in the Royal Botanical Gardens: Urban Ecology in Two Australian Cities



Steven Chen (MAUD) and Xiaowei Wang (MLA I) – Nomadology of the City: Rural-urban Transhumance in Ulaan Baatar

Lucas Correa-Sevilla (MAUD) and Michelle Ha (March I AP) – Inscribing Water on City: An atlas of access in Iquitos, Peru

Laurent Corroyer (MDesS) – Wasteshed Infrastructure [Margins]

Aneesha Dharwadker (MDesS) – Shifting Grounds: Urban morphologies in the Yamuna Riverbed

Natalya Egon (MArch I) – Salt & Water: The hidden geological infrastructure of two basins

Michael Ezban (MLA I AP) and Jana Vandergoot (MLA I AP) – Exhuming the Rust Belt: Metrics and Ecologies at Pointe Mouillee

Daniel Ibanez (MDesS) – Productive Urban Landscapes in Cuba

Lisl Kotheimer (MLA II) – Visualizing Boundaries in the Las Vegas Valley

Xiaoxuan Lu (MLA I AP) – The Art of Touching the Ground Lightly: Mapping the crater-field in Xieng Khouang province, Laos

Xinpeng Yu (MLA I) – Engineered Morphology: The role of hydrodynamic models in coastal ecological restoration

Sara Zewde (MLA I) – Designing Black Space in the Zona Portuaria