2010 Winners


Aidan Acker (MLA I) – From Policy to Practice: Xeriscape Grant Program in Cathedral City, CA

Jennifer Cooper (MLA II) – Port + Marsh + City

Catherine de Almeida (MLA I AP) – Landscapes of Embedded Energy: The Life-Cycle and Use of Geothermal Energy in Iceland

Elisa Benitez Garcia (MLA I AP) – Slate/Global flows: From China to US and Brazil and Vice Versa

Kimberly Garza (MLA II) – Landscape Quick-Stop: Re-conceptualizing the Rest Areas of a Form of American Cultural Identity

Erin Kelly (MLA I) – The Big Stink: Aguas Negras in the Mexico City Metropolitan Zone

Emily Lesk (MUP) and Emily Schlickman (MLA) – Mapping the Hydrological Spatial, and Social Dimensions of Indonesia’s Batik Industry

Jonathan Linkus (MAUD) and Jonathan Scelsa (MAUD) – Shikoku 88, The Reforestation of a Cultural Ecosystem

Ryan Madson (MLA I) – Satoyama and the Metropolitan Edge: The “Slow Landscapes” of Tokyo

Christina Milos (MLA I) – From Wadi to Dust: Adaptive Responses to Desertification in the Lake Chad Basin

Alpa Nawre (MLAUD) – Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina Landscapes

Nancy Seaton (MLA I) – Trees in a Treeless Land

Vera Shur (MArch I) and Julian Wu (MArch I) – The Lemons of the Sorrentine Peninsula: An Integrated Cultural Landscape

Justin D. Stern (MUP) – The Development of China’s Frontier: Ürümqi and Xinjiang Across Multiple Geographic Scales

Stephanie Tam (MArch I) – An Ecology of Vulnerability: The sewerage Crisis in Ahmedabad, India

Andrew Zientek (MLA II) – The Ecology of Pilgrimage: A Journey to Muktinath, Nepal



Julia Africa (MDesS) – Community Gardens as Healing Spaces: Addressing the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina In New Orleans

Ted Baab (MArch I) and Nicole Huang (MArch I) – The Bonneville Salt Flats: Geo-Mythology in the Desert

Hans Baumann (MLA I) – Designing for the Unknown: The Transformative Potential of Mine Clearance on the Falkland Islands

Cristina Brodu (MDesS) – Farming and Flooding: The Flourishing Connection of Men and Nature in Mekong River Basin

Jorge Colon (MDesS) – Urban Identity and the Andes Mountains: Mapping a Cultural Geography of Bogota

John Davis (MArch I AP) – Proving Ground: The Landscape of American Automobile Testing

Yao Dong (MAUD) and Di Xia (MArch II) – Bostans: Agricultural Generators for Istanbul’s Urbanization

Kenya Endo (MLA I) – Landscape Point of View in Revitalizing Shrinking Cities II

Kimberly Garza (MLA II) – Revealing Truths at the New Jersey Turnpike: Cataloging Invisible Networks and Flows at the Turnpike

Sara Jacobs (MLA I) – Generating Aquaculture: Hydropower Development and Food Security in the Lower Mekong Basin

Laura Janka (MAUD) and Victor Sanz (MAUD) – 196,925 meters: Mapping the Border of Mexico City as an Event in the Physical and Virtual Landscape

Tiffany Lau (MArch I) – Human-Scaled Innovation in the Growing “Waste” lands of India

Forbes Lipschitz (MLA I) – Meat Matters: Examining the Global Poultry Industry in Northwest Arkansas

Aisling Marie O’Carroll (MLA I AP) – Urban Innovations in Soil Mechanics

Conor O’Shea (MLA II) – Surveying Chicago’s Infrastructure at the NEwberry Library Map Collection

Natalia Polunina (MLA I) – Modification of Geomorphology

John Todd (MArch I) and Tiffany Way (MArch I) – Reclaiming Al Badia: Sustainable Soil Management in Rural Damascus