2009 Winners


Lana Cohen (MLA I) – Experiential Mapping of Bicycle Infrastructure: Interpreting Cyclist Movement through Biking, Barcelona

Sean Corriel (MArch I) – Mixing and Testing Soil-Based Paving Systems

Anthony Di Mari (MArch I) – Catching the Camanchaca: Water Collection Methods in Norte Chico, Chile

Angeliki Evripioti (MAUD) and Sarah Thomas (MLA II) – Murs a peches: a resilient agricultural enclave

Charles R. Howe (MLA I) – The Paraguayan Frontier: Land in Transition

Saehoon Kim (MDesS) – Villages in Transition: Water Scarcity in Rural Landscape China

Wanda Liebermann (DDes) – Reconsidering the Universal Landscape: Het Dorp, The Netherlands

Erik Prince (MLA II) – Ogallala Aquifer/High Plains

Leah Rominger (MLA I) – The Montado: Portugal’s Landscape of Economy, Ecology, and Regional Identity

Justin Scherma (MLA I) – Allotment Gardens in the Stockholm Urban Region

Max Hooper Schneider (MLA I) – Therapeutic Gardens for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shannon Simms (MLA I) and Vanessa Cheung (MLA I) – Urban Agricultural Systems in Cuba: How farms fit into Havana, Cienfuegos, and Santa Clara



Sharma Abhishek (MLA I AP, MAUD) and Richa Shukla (MAUD) – GREENHOUSE agriCulture: Campo de Dalias, Almeira Province, Spain

Yonathan M. Cohen (MAUD) – Sacred Geographies – Typologies of Pilgrimage in Tamil Nadu

Anthony Di Mari (MArch I) – Methods of Regenerative Bamboo Shoot Harvesting in Southern Japan

Jianhang Gao (MAUD) – A Well Preserved Ancient Productive Landscape

Dan A. Handel (MArch II) – Checkerboard Cascades: A Journey into the Wilderness of Land Grants and Timber Corporations of the America Northwest

Laura Harmon (MLA I) – After Impact: Bomb Crater Reclamation in Vietnam

Taro Narahara (DDes) – Simulating Informal Settlements: Understanding Correlation between Landform, Environment, and Human Habitations in Yemen

Megan Forney Panzano (MArch I) – Self Storage: A New Infrastructural Surface for Landscape Urbanism

Ryan Shubin (MLA II) – Dhaka’s West Embankment: Infrastructure of Fortification in a Climate of Change

Meghan Spigle (MLA I AP) – Green Walls of Paris: An Ecological Analysis

Dorothy Tang (MLA II) and Andrew Watkins (MAUD) – All That Glitters is Not Gold

Sarah Thomas (MLA II) – Concrete Habitat: Bats in Bridges

Rikako Wakabayashi (MArch I AP) – The Aswan Dam and Its Influences on the River Nile